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  The 2022 Spring Baseball Season has begun!!

Another great start to the spring baseball season. We thank all of the coaches, parents, volunteers, politicians, and special guests who made our opening day a success and a fun experience for all. If it wasn't for the hard working volunteers, our children would not be able to experience the greatest game in the world and make memories that will last a lifetime. PBC sincerely thanks each and every one of you. 

With the 2022 spring baseball season underway, please stop by our shack shack: The Home Plate, and get some shacks while you watch your favorite players on the field. If you wish to volunteer at The Home Plate, please sign up and help us make PBC better.





You will need to create a sports engine account, As this is a new website platform for us and our first time running a registration with it. Any questions please email us at


  • You are not buying a product or service. We are all volunteers in the Club.
  • You are paying for a membership in the Club.
  • YOUR experience will be directly affected by the amount of YOUR participation in the Club.


SPRING 2022 Baseball will run from late March until mid-June,

Have a Great Spring Season!!

We have a new email address for registration questions or general inquiries.

if you have a question for a direct member of our Board of Directors please select the tab above that says about us and then click on board of directors. 

PBC's Snack Shack is Open!!

Future Menu Items Will be Added Throughout the 2022 Season

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